Learning Objectives: Introduction to the concept of energy and the laws governing the transfers and transformations of energy. Emphasis on thermodynamic properties and the First and Second Law analysis of systems and control volumes. Integration of these concepts into the analysis of basic power cycles is introduced.

Class schedule and classroom: Mo & We 12:50-2:05 pm @ 2201 EB3

Dr. Hsiao-Ying Shadow Huang (faculty page)
Office: 3158 EB3.
Office Hours: 2:05 – 3:00 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays
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Textbook: Y. A. Çengel and M. A. Boles, Thermodynamics: an Engineering Approach (Packet including Property Table Booklet), 6th Ed, The McGraw Hill Companies, New York, 2008.

Inclass activities:

TurningPoint Clickers are used for inclass activities. The in-class problems are given according to contents of each lecture. Please check out clicker FAQ.


Syllabus and Lecture Notes:

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Many in-class activities = 10%
10 Homeworks = 15%
Test 1 on Date = 25%
Test 2 on Date = 25%
Final on Date = 25%


Grade Distribution:

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0% -59% = F


Policies, Regulations, and Rules:

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  • Students are expected to be familiar with the University policy on Academic Integrity.
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  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities.

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