The focus of this research area is on the elastic and plastic deformations of lithium battery materials via theoretical analysis, computer modeling and laboratory experiments, to better understand the mechanisms responsible for battery material degradation and the resultant rate-capacity loss with thermo-electrochemical cycling.


Electrolyte effects on mechanical stresses in electrode:

We use computational fluid dynamic (CFD) to investigate mechanical stresses in a lithium-ion battery half-cell system. Read More



Phase Transformation On Cyclic Voltammogram:

We use the numerical method via MATLAB to investigate the electrochemical performance changes due to dislocations and phase transformation in lithium-ion batteries. (Read More)



Multiparticle effects in lithium-ion battery

We use focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM) to reconstruct battery material particles to investigate interactions at the interface of electrolyte and electrode in lithium-ion batteries via COMSOL. Read More



Dislocation interactions in energy materials:

We use analytical solutions and numerical simulations via Mathematica to understand dislocation-induced stresses in lithium-ion battery materials. Read More



Li2O2 formation in lithium-air batteries:

We use multiphysics computational simulations, ANSYS Fluent, to understand effects of anode dendrite and cathode oxygen fractions in lithium-air batteries. Read More




Research Highlight: